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The Journey Begins; “The Fool”

Every journey has a beginning.  Every journey has its fool.

And every journey should have its record, too, right?

Well, even if it shouldn’t, this one is having its record.

And what is that journey?

I’m working on creating a tarot deck using Vocaloid and UTAU characters.  (For those who don’t know what Vocaloid and UTAU mean, see my About page.)  Since I can’t draw, I’m using the free program MikuMikuDance (MMD) to make the images.  That means, among other things, that even if I should perfect the deck, I could never have them printed up and sell them, because almost every MMD model, prop and set has a rider on it that it mustn’t be used for commercial purposes.  (There’s also the fact that I don’t own any of the involved characters, but decks containing fan art are not unheard of.  I’ve got a Sailor Moon deck in my collection…)  However, should I ever finish the deck to my satisfaction, I will provide free downloads of the finished cards arranged in print-and-play files so anyone who wants a deck can print their own.

I’ll be using this new blog to share my progress and — if anyone ever starts reading the blog — maybe get some feedback and advice along the way.

I’ll also probably post photos of tarot and oracle decks in my growing collection (most of them ones I backed on Kickstarter, so they’re rare, unusual and very creative), and maybe post about readings I do if I ever get back in the habit of doing readings.  *cough*

But enough of the introductions!  I have a draft of “The Fool” to share with you!

"The Fool" version 2
Credits below.

This is the second draft of the card, and I think it’s much better than the first.  I put up a post about the first draft on my main blog, so you can check that out if you want to see how this one has improved.  This definitely reflects the meaning of the card better, but her pose is still a bit stiff.  Also the ribbons on her legs aren’t going to move to my will without my editing the model.  Which is technically forbidden, but I hope that low level of modification is mildly okay, because having the ribbons hanging straight down despite that she’s supposedly moving forwards would drive me bananas.

As a tarot card, obviously it still has problems.  The chief of which of course being that it doesn’t yet have its number and name on it. :P  There’s also the fact that her chasing a butterfly is kind of me ripping off the design of a deck I just got have (the Girls Drawin’ Girls Deck which I had to buy off Etsy because I missed its Kickstarter the Children of Litha deck, a really gorgeous deck I backed on Kickstarter and which is now available from the creator’s website) where “The Fool” was reaching out for a bird.  There only being so many motifs that fit around “possibly about to fall off a cliff,” I hope that much copycatting is at least mildly permissible.  There are also basic formatting questions:  do I want to change the framing of the main image, what kind of labeling will I be using, do I want a frame on the image, etc.  But I don’t want tackle those questions until I’m sure I have the basic image correct.

On the MMD side of things (and this may get slightly technical, so feel free to skip this paragraph if you don’t know MMD), I see all sorts of little problems with the image.  As soon as I turned on AutoLuminous to make the butterfly glow, I noticed that white line along the edge between the path and the hillside.  Not sure if it was always there and I just didn’t notice it, or if it’s something about the black background caused by AutoLuminous that made it show up.  A bigger issue is that this is a YYB Miku, and I wanted to exclusively use TDA models for this deck.  (Partially because I just really like TDA and partially because I already had a ton of them.  And because I’ve been away from MMD for years, and TDA was still pretty hot when I left.  (No idea if it still is or not.)  Appearance/Api was “the newest thing,” but it was limited to Crypton characters, which wouldn’t do since I want to use non-Crypton Vocaloids, not to mention UTAUs.)  I really wanted to use this costume, though, since it had the animal built in, and I couldn’t find a TDA version available for download.  I think it’s all right, though, because we’re only seeing the side of her face.  It’d still look different if it was a TDA Miku in there, but…that’s minor compared to the posing woes.  Most of which are the fact that those finkin’ ribbons are set to move only by Physics, and that I suck at posing.  I suppose I need to go looking for pose data that’s similar to what I want.  Or maybe check individual frame data from movement data for running or walking…

Finally, looking at this from a Vocaloid perspective, it only seems fitting that the starting card has to be Miku.  She wasn’t the first Vocaloid released, but she’s the most famous (because she’s the most advertised and merchandised) and she’s the one with 01 tattooed on her arm. ;)  (Which I guess would actually make her a better fit for “The Magician,” since that’s card I, while “The Fool” is card 0.)  If anyone has any ideas about who should be on which cards in the future, I’m open to hearing them.  Can’t guarantee I’ll agree, but I’m willing to listen.  Though I’ve already decided on a few:  “The Chariot” and “The Lovers” are already decided for sure (though “The Lovers” will be in three versions, f/f, f/m and m/m), and I feel like there was at least one other I’d already picked out, only now I don’t — oh, it was “The Devil.”  And I know I need to use Sukone Tei on one of the Sword cards.  :P  Not sure which one, off-hand, but where else would a yandere go?

Image Credits:

Stage:  no info, but when I open it in PMX editor (PMD editor can’t handle it) I get a screen of Japanese info, which Google Translate says means “Model data for custom girl PolyMo: Custom girl physics operaton compatible model) Model editory: … MOD creator: Data conversion: Tso2Pmd Ver. 0.2.4 Copynight: TechArts 3D & —”  (Yes, it really says “copynight.”  That part is in attempted English.)

Miku:  YYB, Sega and Malik-Hatsune

Butterfly:  Paul Spooner and HarukaSakurai

Basket:  there’s a readme that actually displays in proper text so I could use Google Translate on it, but it doesn’t seem to list a maker.  I found it on Bowlroll via a deviantART link from someone I think called hack-girl or something like that.  (Basically, not much comes up if you search there for “mmd picnic basket” so the linking work should show up.)


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