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“The Lovers” Straight Version

It’s taken me way too long to get this posted, but I’ve finally got the third variation of “The Lovers” ready.  Well, not ready ready, but I’ve got the test render ready.

And this time I think I’ve finally found the pose I want to use for all three versions.  So I’ll have to go back and do the Luka/Miku and Fukase/Oliver versions with this pose data.

Image credits below.

Of course I used KAITO/MEIKO for the straight version.  Though there’s no such thing as a canon Vocaloid pairing, they’re one of the rare pairs that comes close to being “canon.”  Certainly, their voice banks were actually designed to go together well (just as Luka’s and Miku’s were), so in a way they were “meant to be.”

One big improvement for this version over the Fukase/Oliver one is that I’ve gotten back the view of the background that I had in the Luka/Miku version, giving that incredibly cool stage room to fill up a lot of the card with its assorted implied meanings.

Anyway, next up is re-doing the first two versions of “The Lovers” to match this one.  Then I’ll probably do “The Chariot” because I already know what I want to do there.  :)

Image credits:

TDA “on the rocks” KAITO and MEIKO by Jjinomu

Pose data by…actually, I forgot to check whose pose data it is.  (And it’s on a different device than I’m currently using, so I can’t check.)  I’ll try to remember to grab the credit for the pose data before I post the updated Luka/Miku and Fukase/Oliver versions.

The background, which appears to be called “teien” is by a Japanese MMD artist whose name I don’t know because the readme does not display properly on my computer.  But it included a couple of URLs, at least one of which is hopefully still in use: and


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