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“The Magician” Rough Draft

Rather than try to polish up “The Fool,” I thought it was best to forge ahead and get rough drafts of all the other cards, and then try to polish things so that they match each other best.  Also this way is more fun. ;)

So, card I, “The Magician.”  In looking through the various meanings and symbols associated with the card, I noticed that the magician is usually depicted with a lot of tools, sometimes those of the magical trade and sometimes tools representing the suits of the minor arcana.  That put me straight away into thinking about a particular song, “Straight Faced Science Girl.”  From there, I knew what I wanted…

Credits below.

OMG, I hope that doesn’t display as poorly on the final page as it’s displaying in the post editor.

Uh, anyway, there are a lot of reasons this is still obviously a WIP.  For one thing, she needs more tools on her table.  I plan on adding an open book, and maybe some non-scientific tools (paint brush, maybe something in the middle of a small magic circle, stuff like that), but those will probably be partially decided on after I see what other symbols I end up using in the other cards.  Also, I want to get the Theory of Relativity to line up perfectly over her head, to take the place of the infinity symbol usually shown over the head of the Magician.  (It had been lined up perfectly earlier, but then I wanted to change which table she was at, and I lost my angle and couldn’t get it back.)  I also need to edit her beaker and especially her test tubes.  And probably put something in them.

You see, I totally can edit the beaker and test tubes all I want, because when I realized I didn’t have any on hand, I decided that rather than boot up my disposable computer (ie the one I use online), I would just refresh my memory on how Metasequoia works and make them myself.  Overall, I think I didn’t do too badly.  The test tubes need to be longer, and both are a little too clear.  (Technically, they have the right clarity to be glass, but they’re not super easy to see.  As, realistically, glass tends not to be.)

Other than that, the positions of her fingers are still a bit awkward, but since the items in her hands are going to change, perfecting the hand positions at this stage seemed silly.

Moving away from the image itself, I want to talk about the song that inspired this choice.  “Straight Faced Science Girl” is one of many shippy songs written for the Kagamine twins, Rin and Len.  Rin is one of my favorite Vocaloids, and I love Len’s voice, so I like a lot of their songs, but I have to admit that the ones framing their relationship in romantic terms tend to bother me.  Because they’re twins, and I’m squikked out by incest.  Not to be too blunt about it.  Anyway, it’s still a nice song (and it’s somewhat vague in its shippiness), and I do love the idea of Rin as being hardcore into science, because STEM girls rule.  More importantly for the deck as a whole, this means that I am including the shippy side of the Kagamine twins without having to explicitly or even implicitly condone the idea of incest between fourteen year old twins.  So I’m kind of meeting the twincest fans halfway.  (Though I guess by saying all that I’ve stepped back far enough to only be meeting them about a quarter of the way…)

The downside of using Rin for this card is that she’s now slated for two Major Arcana appearances, and I want to limit the use of any Vocaloid as much as possible, but especially the main Crypton six; I don’t want them to dominate the deck the way they dominate the fandom as a whole.  (Which is difficult, since most of the good models seem to be the main Crypton girls, with Miku making up at least half of them…)

From here on out, I may jump around a bit, moving to the cards I’ve already decided which Vocaloid or UTAU to use on, and then head back to the beginning to get the ones I haven’t made up my mind on.  Or I might not.  Not sure yet.  I’m pretty much working on this only when inspiration strikes, and/or when I feel like I ought to be writing but can’t think of anything to write.  So it’s sporadic, to say the least.


TDA Straight Faced Science Girl Rin by mikumikuiki

Stage converted by amiamy111.  Converted from what, I no longer remember.  I think it was referred to as NJXA, but I don’t remember what that stands for.

I used AdultShaderS on pretty much everything in the image.